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New native bee hive on the roof

Our new native bee hive has been installed on the rooftop. The hive contains an endemic species to this area which are found across the east coast of Australia. Tetragona carbonaria are one of over 150 species of stingless native bee. They are commonly called Sugarbag Bees by First Nations people and were used extensively as a source of traditional sweetener. Our bees are stingless, they literally do not have a sting mechanism so are completely harmless to humans. They have a built in tracking system which tells them where to return to the hive – this means that under no circumstances can we move the hive as they will lose their new little home. They will fly up to 1km away in search of food, which in this case is pollen and nectar. Next time you’re on the roof check them out, they will likely be flying back in to the nest with their little pollen bags full up ready to deliver back to the hive 🙂